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Sleeping aids are ideal for children with special needs, such as Autism, who find it difficult to sleep. An alternative to weighted-blankets, our selection of bedding is designed to give deep pressure, helping to reduce anxiety and to calm and soothe an overstimulated, 'fearful' nervous system.

Both the FidgetBum sheets and the Sensory Compression Sock, deter your child from falling out of bed or losing the bed covers but without restricting movement, giving parents and carers peace of mind. Also, children who rely on mediation to aid sleep may find they fall asleep naturally with the comforting compression of our bedding products.


  • Sensory Compression Bed Sock
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    Sensory Direct

    Sensory Direct - Sensory Compression Bed Sock

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    The Lycra Bed Sock fits over a single mattress giving a deep pressure experience. It will work wonders on children who have a difficult time unwind...

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