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Book Title - Autism Spectrum Disorder and De-Escalation Strategies

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SubTitle- A practical guide to positive behavioural interventions for children and young people
Author- Steve Brown

Quick Overview

Discussing a variety of de-escalation and behaviour management strategies, this book offers practical guidance on using non-physical and physical interventions to support children (aged 3-18) on the autism spectrum or with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, and to keep them and others safe.

This practical guide provides a complete picture of how non-physical and physical interventions can be used to manage behaviour and keep children with autism spectrum disorders or emotional, social and behavioural difficulties safe.

With clear advice and strategies that can be easily implemented in practice, Steve Brown explores various options and interventions, and explains how professionals can manage the behaviour of children (aged 3-18) in the safest possible way, promoting assertiveness and confidence. He includes a range of de-escalation and behaviour management strategies, information on risk assessments and legalities, advice on how to create safe spaces, insight into non-verbal communication and positive listening, and an honest and open discussion about the important role of physical interventions and positive handling techniques.

Providing clarity and insight into this complex subject, this book will allow professionals working with children and young people with ASD or ESBD to use non-physical interventions with confidence and understand the role of physical interventions as a last resort, within a legal framework.

'This straight-talking and often humorous guide to managing the behaviour of children and young people with ASD bursts with practical strategies that are conveyed in a wholly accessible style and founded on the knowledge and skills of a highly experienced practitioner. Acknowledging the challenges of supporting young people with ASD, Brown also tackles the thorny issue of physical interventions, providing clear guidance within the legal framework.'
- Chris Collett, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education and Care, Newman University, Birmingham

'Steve Brown has written an engaging and accessible book about techniques that staff (and parents) can use both to manage constructively and to prevent some of the more difficult situations that can arise when supporting children and young people on the autistic spectrum. Steve draws on his own extensive experience as an educator as well as on the research literature. The tactics are well described and relatively straightforward to apply in many situations. This is a very useful book to have around if you live or work day to day with youngsters on the autism spectrum whose behaviour involves a significant risk of harm.'
- John Clements, clinical psychologist and author of Letters to the Home Front and People with Autism Behaving Badly
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