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SPIO Compression Leggings - Deep Pressure - Long full-leg length


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The Ankle Length SPIO Lower Body Orthosis assists with gait and fully body stability when combined with the SPIO TLSO or Upper Body Orthosis.

It is ideal for those with spastic dyplegia, hypotonia, Down Syndrome, Ataxia, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis (SPIO) assists patients with stability and proprioceptive deficits through deep pressure. Since deep pressure appears to be an important somatic input for balance and movement control, SPIO is designed to provide and enhance deep pressure sensory input around and toward the midline of the body to improve dynamic stability and postural activation.

SPIO provides even circumferential deep pressure throughout the area of the body that it covers. Deep pressure has a calming effect on the sensory system. And unlike weighted products, SPIOs can be worn continuously all day and have no break-in period.

SPIO is made of a unique lightweight Lycra blend fabric. The multi-directional stretch provides comfort with a strong rebound, aids in compression, is breathable, and comfortable to wear. We offer a variety of systems. If there is a system you would like but don't see listed, please contact us to see how we can meet your needs.
SPIOs should be washed at least every other day to ensure proper compression. Machine wash with mild detergent in warm or cold water and hang to dry. SPIO fabric is treated to be hydrophilic, or to attract moisture away from the skin. Fabric softeners absorb onto the surface, negating the hydrophilic finish. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend treating your SPIOs with fabric softeners. Abuse, altering, or undue rough wear and tear will void the warranty. This includes improper washing and drying in a dryer. The fabric is not fire resistant so the items are not recommended for use at night.

    1. Single Layer Lycra/Nylon Fabric
    2. Elastic
    3. 100% Latex-Free

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