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WUKA - Stretch™ Seamless Midi Period Pants - Heavy

SKU WK_53718
Colour: Black

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WUKA Stretch™ period pants are the World’s First full brief, Seamless Multi-Size period pants designed to fit every body size and offer maximum period protection.

Perfect for bloating, post-birth and changing body sizes, WUKA Stretch™ seamless multi-size period pants are flexible, comfortable and offer maximum security during your period. No cutting or digging in, these body contouring period pants hug in all the right places whilst protecting against leaks.

We find that the seamless feature of these WUKA briefs is an ideal solution for sufferers of sensory processing disorder as it helps avoid unnecessary irritation from seams and let's face it, periods on their own can be debilitating enough without adding sensory aversions into the mix.

Choose from two 'multi-size' pants: Size 1 (XS-L) or Size 2 (XL-4XL).

    1. Heavy flow
    2. Stretch™ microfiber technology - Sculpts to fit all body shapes
    3. Super absorbent Gusset- Full coverage, perfect for heavy flow days
    4. Seamless construction - Figure-flattering fabric, no VPL or irritation
    5. Soft, Breathable - Kind to skin, Hypoallergenic
    6. Reusable - Eco-friendly period care.
    7. Midi waist
    8. Medium gusset
    1. Cotton/Elastane
    1. Wash before first use
    2. Handwash after wear, and rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. This is best done immediately after removing
    3. For our seamless WUKA pants wash on a cold wash with similar, dark-coloured garments
    4. We recommend you choose a delicate wash at 30-degrees
    5. Air dry - avoiding radiators
    6. Do not use fabric softener
    7. Do not bleach
    8. Do not tumble dry
    1. Heavy flow: This can be worn for 4-6 hours on heavy days and 8 hours on light days, and can also be used all night. Holds up to 20ml of period flow (equivalent to 4 tampons). It's recommended to carry a spare pair of underwear on heavy flow days.
    2. Super fast absorption

Remember, the heavier your flow, the more frequently you will need to change pants.

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